Snakes In Roofs

Wild Encounters Snake Catchers on the Gold Coast preform Roof Inspections around South East QLD most days and have done so for many years now. You could even say we almost specialse at searching in roofs for snakes and other wildlife


A study was done a few years ago which suggested that nearly 1 in 3 houses on the Gold Coast had a Snake living in their roof. Although they are usually Carpet Pythons and Tree Snakes. 


  • The average roof inspection will take approximately 30 mins.

  • However most of the time if theres a snake we can spot it straight away, although roofs have alot of nooks and crannies which we like to thoroughly search.

  • We also look for holes and gaps that could be a potential entrance for any wildlife, then discuss these with you, so you can try and prevent any further wildlife entering your roof space.


  • We charge a flat fee, so you can have the peace of mind we will do a thorough inspection, as we are never rushed time. 


  • We also offer Advice and Removal Services for any Possums, Birds or any other Native Wildlife in your roof.

  • We can also provide any advice in there is rats and mice in your roof and stratergies on getting rid of them.


We are available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days and Week 365 Days a Year.!

So Please don't Hesitate to Call Us Today 


0433 662 363