Keeping Snakes Away

Wild Encounters Snake Catchers Gold Coast are often asked whats the best way to keep snakes away from our houses and away from our yards etc. Although nothing can gurantee that you will 100% keep snakes away. There are certain things that will definitely lessen your chance of attracting snakes to your place.


  • ELIMINATING RATS & MICE is the NUMBER 1 thing anyone can do to help keep snakes away from your home.

  • Making sure sheds are sealed. Keep your gardens manicured. 

  • Eliminating any holes (even the smallest ones) under decks, rock retaining walls, around pools and under concrete slabs and in your roof. 


  • Snake proofing (with Snake Proof Mesh) all Chicken Pens, Guniea Pig Hutches and Aviaries 


  • Cleaning up any rubbish piles, stacks of bricks, rocks or timbers. 


  • Dispose of all food scraps properly, not leaving outside and dont leave dog food and dog food bowls outside.

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