About Us


Wild Encounters is the home of Wildlife Services in South East QLD. Wild Encounters was established in 2012 and since then we have not stopped growing. Before the start of Wild Encounters there was many years of growing a wealth of knowledge before the start.

Wild Encounters has many years experience involved in Fauna Relocation and Wildlife Education.


We are often seen preforming Reptile and Wildlife Shows around South East QLD, educating everyone and anyone about the Ecology and Conservation Biology on the Native Australian Wildlife that we live with. 

Here at Wild Encounters we also are Highly Experienced Fauna Spotter Catchers who are in a class of their own when it comes to their Fauna experience, Identification, Wildlife Handling and Fauna Management. Our Spotter Catchers have had many years experience in on-site Fauna Spotter Catching Services and variety of Fauna Management services. 

We also offer a 24 hour Snake Catcher Service based on the Gold Coast's Hinterland, if you have a wildlife problem a snake invader or any other wildlife concerns. We have helped relocate many snakes in all kinds of situations at all kinds of locations at every hour. We also relocate and remove possums from homes, roofs and crawl spaces. 

Wild Encounters also helps Wildcare Australia with alot of Rehabilitation of Sick and Injured Native Wildlife, We have been rescuing and Rehabilitating Wildlife for many years, still to this day we are active Wildlife Rescuers and Rehabilitators, Doing everything we can for out Beautiful Native Wildlife.

Wild Encounters is built and run on its passion for wildlife. Using innovative Management strategies to find and balance between Development Growth and Fauna Management.