Property Inspections


Wild Encounters Snake Catchers gets phone calls EVERYDAY about snake sightings in backyards, pool areas, roof spaces, bathrooms, light fittings, rock walls, business place or ANYWHERE else that has slithered into. Quite often those people ask us to still come out and check, as they may have kids, small pets, poultry or some people Just Need That Peace of Mind. We Understand This!


We can come out and preform an Inspection of the property for you, checking around your yard, in and under everything, Pools, Ponds, Water Tanks, Air-Conditioners, Hot Water Cylinders, BBQ's, Chairs, Couches, Chook pens, Guniea pig hutches, The Dog Kennel and whatever else you may have in your yard

Trust Us... We have seen it ALL..!!!!!


  • We also search in holes and gaps (aswell as we can) that could be a potential entrance way for any wildlife. We are always happy to discuss options for fixing these, so you can try and prevent any further wildlife entering your these spaces.


  • We charge a flat fee, so you can have the peace of mind we will do a thorough inspection of your property and taking the time to discuss these with you. 

  • We can point out places, gaps, holes and other Hot Spot area's that we as professionals would recommend you could attend to (fixing cracks, holes and etc) in order to decrease your chances of having a snake at your place.

We are available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days and Week 365 Days a Year.! So Please don't Hesitate to Call Us Today

0433 662 363