Fauna Spotter Catcher


Wild Encounters offers Professional Fauna Spotter Catcher's, who are University Educated with an Extensive Knowledge on Native Wildlife Wildlife and Experience in Managing it. Wild Encounters offers Fauna Spotter Catchers whom are Highly Regraded in the field of Fauna Management and have been leading the way in Fauna Management on some of largest projects in Australia for International Companies.  


Wild Encounters is built on our passion for Wildlife. Focusing our Fauna Management Strategies on mitigate any fauna/wildlife issues associated with developments and/or land clearing in order to find a balance between Developments and the Enviornment.


Wild Encounters can assist you in meeting approval conditions and requirments for your project. It is very important that any Native Wildife is managed by professional who are experienced, qualified and licenced to do so, during any vegetation clearing and removal.  


Wild Encounters offers a unique Fauna Spotter Catcher Service with Outstanding Qualifications, a large range of the industry's best Resources and an impressive list of Wildlife Services. Our highly Experienced Fauna Spotter Catchers have many years of experience in Fauna Management. We are Second Best to None. Our Fauna Managers are some of the most highly regarded Fauna Specialists in their field.


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