Pre Clear/Post Clear Assessment


Pre-Clearing Assessment


Fauna Spotter Catchers from Wild Encounters conduct Pre-Clearing Survey's in order to identify fauna presence and fauna habitat values to establish any fauna managament stratergies, fauna protection measures and/or fauna relocation methods to be carried out before, during and after vegetation clearing works. Our Fauna Spotter Catchers will also examine any vegetation protection zones to identify suitable relocation points for any captured widlife and to establish direction in which vegetation clearing should occur. 

Wild Encounters can arrange one of our Fauna Spotter Catchers to conduct a Pre-Clearing Survey with a correspoanding Report for Council Approvals on your site today.



Post-Clearing Assessment


Wild Encounters can arrange for one or multiple Fauna Spotter Catchers to be present onsite during clearing actvities, our spotter catchers ensure that all Fauna Management/Protection procedures and implemented to ensure any fauna on site will not be harmed or injured during clearing works. Our Fauna Spotter Catchers will examine all habitat values within the subsequent vegetation and remove/relocate any wildlife found within these habitat features.

Our Fauna Spotter Catchers will produce a Post-Clearing Report upon completion of vegetation clearing outlining that vegetation removal and fauna management stratergies were in accordance with all development approval conditions.