DA Conditions

Wild Encounters has been offering Fauna Spotter Catcher Services around Queensland for many years. Our Fauna Spotter Catchers are some of the best in the industry, working on some of the largest projects in the country. Wild Encounters offers Fauna Spotter Catchers with an extensive range of knowledge and skills on Native Australian Wildlife to fulfill the required wildlife/fauna conditions your project may have.


Mosts sites removing or interferring with Vegetation will have the requirment of needing some form of Fauna Management onsite, depending on the scale and proposed vegetation due for removal. This will be outlined in Development Approvals (DA Conditions) from the council. Wild Encounter's Fauna Spotter Catchers provide a vast range of different services.


Most projects, will have site specific requirements, if you have a set of DA Conditions and would like to discuss these with one of our Fauna Spotter Catchers, Please Give As a Call Today


Wild Encounters will be there to guide you through exactly what is needed for your approval conditions for any Wildlife/Fauna Spotter and/or Catcher conditions your project may have. 





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