​​This is our boy Crunch. He is a 2 1/2 year old Saltwater Crocodile. He is a seasoned pro at his job and loves to sit on Sam's shoulder whenever we go out but don't be fooled. Once Crunch is at home in his pond he will try his hardest to sink one of his 68 razor sharp teeth into anything he can. 


​Meet Jessie! Jessie is our 3.5 metre long Olive Python. She is another one of our seasoned professionals. Jessie is almost 7 years old and has been working with us for over four years. She loves to sit on your shoulders and rest her head as high up on your head as she can to get the best view around.


This is Rex. Rex is our beautiful Northern Blue Tounge Skink. He absolutely loves his fruit and veggies and showing everyone his bright blue tounge! 


This is Sapphire. Sapphire is a beautiful Diamond Python. She is an absolute sweetheart who is always happy to hang out on anybody's shoulders. 


​​Meet Merlin. Merlin is a Water Python. He is also known commonly as the "Rainbow Serpent" due to how he shows off his spectacular iridescent skin in the sun. 

Buddy & Teak

Meet Buddy & Teak. Buddy & Teak are Bearded Dragons who always love getting into mischief. They love their woodies and crickets and laying out on their logs in the sun showing off the everyone.


This is Freddo. Freddo is one of our two beautiful Magnificent Tree Frogs. Freddo and Kermit are the comedians of the bunch making people laugh by constantly sliding down the glass infront of them.